Caught Offside App Recensioni

# Like

Love it

Best soccer news aggregator

I go to caught offside every day for breaking news and transfer updates. Customizable to just my teams.

Absolutely Perfect

So convenient and easy...

Great Website

Good updates on my favorite football clubs!

all rumors

absolutely nothing on this website is true it is all horribly written articles by people that do not know anything about soccer, the writers get paid per click on there article aka interesting sounding titles end up being absolutely worthless and a waste of your time. do not download this app go find another one (eurosport is just as bad)

Cool app but..

How about you add Orlando City under MLS?

App freezes every chance it gets.

The worst app ever. The web version is much better. Why does it have to start with video vines and loud sound. Why cannot I just load the news and then switch to videos not the other way around. Disgusting, failure, worst app. Removing....


Crashes every time

Had this app forever, love it, fix the crashing!

Please fix the most recent update, crashes every time I open it

So Great!

This app is great if you love Football (soccer)




This is the best transfer app out there

Great app!!!

One of my favorite apps for soccer because it sends me updates on the transfer market and reminds me of my favorite games like bundesliga, Barclays and la liga


Nice facts

Best transfer news app

It's a good app I use it daily to catch up on my transfer news really check it out.

Great News & Updates

The updates are really good but the layout is so bad and classic. What really disturbs me are the ads and to remove it is a large amount of money which is absolutely not worth for removing ads in a single app.


Can you make it so the videos can turn horizontally?

Doesn't connect to Facebook

Please fix


Great all around coverage

It's good.

Really good

Where do you get the new?

This is bad news get the app "GOAL" it's a lot better then this

Video playback

Great app but needs landscape video playback


Was/am a big fan of this app, all things football is exactly what it is. However many of the articles posted are of very very poor quality both by structure and credibility standards. App has been crashing in the past week or so consistently regardless of my service. Something needs to be done about it.


I went on before but now i try to get on and it dosen't let me it keeps crashing i used to love this app but i think it's time for a change if this continues


This app used to be working really well but now it's just some piece of crap crushing every time and I can't view at anything. Fix it or people are gonna stop downloading.

All rumors

Don't believe anything !!!!

Everything needs a Facebook account

Either you have a Facebook account or just don't get the app. Almost all the features need a Facebook account!


The people who write the transfer articles for this app write articles based off of little to no actual fact. The majority of the articles on the app are complete bogus and have absolutely no weight behind them. They simply make bold, unfounded claims in order to grab attention.


Great app? Hell ya

Fix for 5 Stars

Please fix the dates on the "Fixtures & Results" section along with the "my check-ins" they're always a day off.

Got better..then infinitely worse

Cons: 1. Keeps adding more and more and more obnoxious ads. Should have avoided 'upgrading' just to stop the ever rising tide of poorly designed and frankly bad endorsements. 2. The feed aggregates for specific teams now include the team twitter feeds. If I wanted the team feed, wouldn't I just subscribe to it on twitter?? Pros: 1. Great aggregator of football news ect. from a nice variety of sources 2. Easily customizable feeds for specific clubs (mine being Arsenal)

Score Notifications?

They don't work for me


Still won't open.


Still won't open

Doesn't open anymore

Used to be a great app, now it doesn't even open...

Fix it again

Since the latest update I can't even open the app. Please fix.


After the new update app won't even open anymore 😡😡

Not updating news feed

After the latest update it is no longer updating the news feed. It only shows stuff from last Wednesday

Filter news

No filter news by club for serie a and la liga club

This app slap weh!!!

This is the best football app bar none...go Barcelona..Neymar coming next year...La Liga shell weh!!!


It asks me if I want to download the mobile app while I'm reading an article using the app. Other than that great app.

Caught off sides . .

Fast browsing fast updates, great application !


A great app, even if you don't have a facebook account. In response to one of the reviews written, the app is made by a news corporation for soccer which is based outside of the USA, therefore it is referred as football, not soccer.


I used to have no problem with it, but this new version crashes instantly everytime. Best app there is when it works. Please fix!!!!


You cannot navigate this app unless you have Facebook. I don't have Facebook so I can't set my favorites and use other features of this app. Horrible.

Great app

Has never crashed with me, well-written articles, definitely a great app!!

In form

Excellent app. Hasn't crashed once. Between this and Fotmob i'm set!


That app is horrible. This is America…it's called soccer, not football.

useless without facebook

you cannot use most features without connecting facebook :(

Upgrade is a downgrade

App has not loaded since the upgrade and the screen freezes. Please fix it soon!!

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